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Who are we?

This year’s quadrennial theme is “Standing United, Moving Forward, Stronger Together” derived from the story of Zelophehad’s Daughters  (Numbers 27:1-7).  The story of Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah is centered around their pursuit of their father’s inheritance. Zelophehad’s daughters are mentioned in the scriptures 5 times (Num. 26:33; 27:1-7; 36:1-12; 1 Chr. 7:15; Josh. 17:1-6) they are examples of the strength​ of sisterhood and the power of prayer.

AME/WIM is the official professional organization for women pursuing excellence in ministry in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. And is the prophetic voice for parity and justice through advocacy and activism for women in ministry. 

 As an international organization, AME/WIM is active in each of the 20 Episcopal Districts. AME/WIM serves, encourages and supports the work of women in Christian ministry.  Currently, over four thousand women serve in ministerial capacities throughout the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Elected by its active women in ministry; an Executive Board  provides leadership at each level (Episcopal District, Annual Conference and Presiding Elder District)

The mission of the AME/WIM is to define, enhance, support and expand the presence of women in ministry in leadership in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.


  •  We recognize and support the work of women in ministry as an essential part of the leadership of the AME Church and seek to;

  • Raise the consciousness of the AME Church on issues important to women.

  • Address and eradicate sexism in the AME Church.

  • Work to expand leadership opportunities for women in ministry in the AME Church.

  • Support women in the pastoral ministry.

  • Support women in specialized ministries including but not limited to: chaplaincy, writing, teaching, counseling, research, prison, youth, geriatric, singles, street, health care, family/life relations, music, homeless, HIV/AIDS and religious education ministries.

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