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The Seventh Episcopal District (SED) Women in Ministry (WIM) is a part of the Connectional African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church WIM and is the official professional organization for women pursuing excellence in ministry in the AME Church.

The Connectional Church WIM is an organization serving the Continental United States, Africa, India, the Caribbean, and Europe. It is the prophetic voice for parity and justice through advocacy and activism for women in ministry. An Executive Board elected by its active membership from South Carolina leads Seventh Episcopal District WIM. Each of the six Annual Conferences and Seventeen Presiding Elder Districts have officers elected by active members at that level. Elected officers are to serve, encourage, and support the ministry work of all Women in Ministry and Associate members of the organization. 

Active membership in the Seventh Districts’ AME/WIM is open to all persons, male and female, Clergy, and Lay. 

Membership levels are as follows:

  1. Full membership for women ordained to the itinerant ministry. Eligible to vote and to hold most offices.

  2. Local membership or women ordained to the local ministry, licensed evangelists, and licensed exhorters. Eligible to vote and to hold some offices.

  3. Advisory membership for women superannuates (retirees). Eligible to vote but not to hold office.

  4. Student/Licentiate Membership for women enrolled in higher education institutions and/or women licensed to preach and preparing for ordination. Licentiates are not entitled to vote or hold office except at the Campus Ministry level. Ordained Clergy are eligible to vote.

  5. Associate Membership for males and non-clergy women who are supportive of AME/WIM are not eligible to vote or hold office unless out of necessity to carry out the ministry mission.


20 24-25 PDF Membership Form

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