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Reverend Irene Denson

The Reverend Irene Denson is a Local Elder at Emanuel AME, West Ashley in the South Carolina Annual Conference.  She is widowed.  Rev. Irene Denson, has served as the South Carolina Conference WIM treasurer since approximately 2010.   Throughout the long-term illness and ultimately the death of her husband in June of 2020, coupled with her own health issues, she remained steadfast in the recording of dues and providing the annual reports for WIM.

Because of her health issues, she has been unable to attend Annual conferences or meetings, but she continues to quietly serve       in the background. She is one who does not seek recognition but takes pride in her work and gains satisfaction from the fact that she had done her work like Daniel, in the spirit of “excellency.

Rev. Denson has served many years, faithfully in several capacities at Emanuel, West Ashley as a Local Elder.

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