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Reverend Vermelle Marshall Humes

The Reverend Vermell Marshall-Humes is married to Leroy Humes.  They have one son, Lancek Keyette Marshall, and two grandchildren.  She is retired from the active pastoral ministry. Ordained as an Itinerant Deacon by The Right Reverend Frank Madison Reid and later as an Itinerant Elder by the Right Reverend Fredrick C. James, Rev. Marshall-Humes was one fo four women who entered the pastoral ministry in her time.  She served as a pastor in the Northeast South Carolina Conference at St. Michael AME, Reid Chapel, St. Peter AME and Howard Chapel in the Sumter District and at Little Zion, Latta and Goodland AME Church in the Florence-Dillon District.  Rev. Marshall-Humes also served as a pastor in the Palmetto Annual Conference at Bethel, Kingstree where she retired.


Following her retirement from the pastoral ministry, Rev. Marshall-Humes continues to be active in the vineyard and at Ebenezer AME Church in Maysville South Carolina, through her telephone ministry which has a global outreach.  A prayer warrior who is available at any hour, she intercedes for others, provides Christian counseling for youth and adults and she continues to teach Sunday School and Bible Study from her home.  She is also a founding member of the Bright Light Ministerial Alliance a group of ministers who work to improve the lives of those in the community through civil and religious channels. She continues to serve as mentor to women and men who accept the call to ministry.


Rev. Marshall-Humes is also a licensed adopting/foster parent and advisor specializing in children who are hard to place. She has adopted or fostered more than twenty-five children.  Over the years, her care has provided a safe Christian environment for foster children and those in need of a permanent home. She has in recent years also added caring for the homeless and for veterans who have fallen on hard times. She does this though a food ministry she operates from her home. She states that, “As long as, she has breath in her body, whether homebound or not she will continue to do the work of the Lord.”

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